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Furnace Repair in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

你有一个每一步都在与你搏斗的炉子吗,还是一个根本不能切割它的炉子? 在又一个炎热的冬天,你的炉子系统出了问题, you need fast, reliable, and accurate solutions that guarantee results. 这就是为什么你会选择bet36365体育,供暖公司 & Air!

几十年来,bet36365体育的团队一直为辛辛那提和北肯塔基州的客户提供世界级的服务和无与伦比的解决方案. bet36365体育的炉膛维修团队的每一个成员都是高度熟练的和认证的,只想为您带来您应得的高质量的解决方案. bet36365体育以卓越的解决方案著称,bet36365体育的团队很高兴为您带来最好的解决方案.

Furnace Repair Services in Ohio

Our team strives to bring you top-class solutions, bet36365体育将多年的培训和经验与先进的诊断工具相结合,为他们提供治疗. This way, we can find, fix, and prevent any issue with both speed and accuracy, returning your home to comfort as soon as possible.

Schneller Knochelmann can help you with fast, 辛辛那提和北肯塔基地区的24小时炉维修. When the temperature drops, 辛辛那提的许多居民惊讶地发现他们的炉子坏了. 给bet36365体育打电话,bet36365体育会尽快派人到你家修理你的炉子,让你的家人在任何时候都感到温暖和舒适. We provide:

  • 24-hour service, 7 days a week
  • 100% satisfaction—or you don’t pay!
  • Repair of all makes and models of heating equipment

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Not all furnace problems act quite the same, 其中许多都有非常独特的标志和指示. When you know these, you’ll always 能够在一英里之外发现问题,帮助你快速获得所需的服务.


  • A drop in effectiveness. 只是没有你习惯的炉子系统提供的强大热量? When this happens, there are lots of potential causes, 但bet36365体育的队伍受过训练,可以发现每一个.
  • Spikes in furnace heating costs. Heating costs, especially with gas furnaces and electric furnaces, 往往保持相当稳定,只有小的波动成本. 如果你发现你的账单上涨了10%,15%,甚至30%,那么就需要服务了!
  • Odd sounds. 铿锵声、砰砰声、尖叫声——这些几乎都表明熔炉部件松动或损坏. This issue needs a response immediately, because it will only get worse, 损坏的部件会对你的炉子系统造成严重的伤害.
  • Strange odors. If you use a gas furnace in your Cincinnati home, be careful if you notice a sulfurous, rotten egg smell. 那是硫醇,一种他们添加到天然气中的气体,使其具有独特的标志性气味. 关闭你的煤气管道,并立即呼叫维修服务.
  • Poor or weak air flow. 来自炉子的不良气流或冷空气通常意味着污垢或碎片堵塞. 在给bet36365体育打电话之前,您可以检查一下您的空气过滤器, but if swapping it out didn’t fix the problem, you’ll need the help of a professional.


In a word—yes! Over the years, bet36365体育(和bet36365体育的客户)已经注意到家庭供暖系统预防性维护的主要好处. Our annual professional furnace maintenance service is extremely affordable and cost-effective. 这种服务可以通过发现小问题来避免昂贵的大修, like worn parts, 在他们有机会对加热设备造成进一步损害之前.

During your HVAC maintenance visits, ideally in spring and fall, our skilled Cincinnati HVAC technicians inspect, clean, lubricate, and test your furnace. bet36365体育确保它安全运行,并以最高效率运行. 炉子维护使您的系统像(几乎)新的一样运行, 这样在你拥有能源的时候,你的能源账单就会尽可能的低. bet36365体育的维护服务也可以延长系统的使用寿命, significantly delaying furnace replacement costs.

Make sure to change your filter often, between our furnace tune-up visits, to keep the system in top shape!

如果您的炉子到期(或逾期)维修,请bet36365体育 schedule your heating system service today!

24-Hour Emergency Furnace Repair in Cincinnati

其他公司只在传统的工作时间开放, but we all know that a broken furnace can’t wait. If you live in Cincinnati, OH, 请放心,施内勒·诺切尔曼就在这里, whenever you need us. We offer the most reliable emergency furnace repair services in the area!

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re locally owned by Kris Knochelmann, so when you call us you are getting one of our friendly, highly trained staff members, not an anonymous operator in a call center.

bet36365体育随时会派技术人员过去. bet36365体育的技术人员将维修您的炉子、恒温器、加湿器或锅炉. We’ll treat your home like our own. bet36365体育的技术人员将用防水油布覆盖您的地板,并穿上鞋套来保持您的家庭清洁. Schneller Knochelmann的每一个员工都是训练有素的, 所以你可以确定你会得到一个诚实的评估和一个公平的价格.



辛辛那提地区炉子的平均寿命约为15年. Once it reaches that point, 从更高的水电费和维修费用来看,它的运营成本变得更高.

If your furnace is reaching that age, bet36365体育的维修技术人员将为您提供维修或更换的选择.


如果您的炉子需要快速维修,请致电Schneller Knochelmann 513.407.4424 or 859.757.1877.

为什么选择Schneller Knochelmann维修辛辛那提炉?

Ours is a history spanning over 80 years. 从bet36365体育敞开大门的那一天起,bet36365体育就一直有一个目标:提供最好的服务. 这意味着最好的服务,最好的产品和最好的解决方案来满足bet36365体育客户的需求. When you want quality you can trust, you can always count on our team to provide, and our 100% guarantee backs our confidence!

bet36365体育辛辛那提的Schneller Knochelmann维修炉 & Northern Kentucky

当你的炉子系统出了问题,冷就会马上开始渗入. 您需要提供精确、快速响应和保证恢复正常的解决方案. And that’s what our team is all about! 通过利用行业领先的诊断和bet36365体育多年的经验, we can bring your furnace repair that is quick, always accurate, and guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

无论您的供暖系统需要,bet36365体育,供暖 & Air is the company you can trust—give us a call at 513.407.4424 or 859.757.1877.

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